What to expect from the programs at CrossFit Strong Island:

  • Awesome facility updated in 2019!
  • Increased physical competency and visual results
  • Group training with people of like skill and experience
  • Low “member : coach” ratios
  • High quality coaching for every program
  • Coaches who care and invest in our members
  • Certified, experienced and knowledgeable coaches
  • Best value in exercise today
  • A supportive community and social events

HIIT  Program:

In this program members attend an unlimited number of HIIT classes

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Program:

At CrossFit Strong Island we know not everyone has 60 minutes in the day to get in shape and that’s why we created Strong Island HIIT. Strong Island HIIT is 30 minutes of exercise that alternates between bouts of high intensity and periods of less-intense activity or rest. There are tremendous benefits of just 30 minutes of HIIT:

  1. HIIT workouts burn more calories and more FAT 
    • Your body will require more O2 and fuel post HIIT workouts.  More O2 to help repair your muscles, etc. and more fuel in which fat stores within your body and broken down and become oxidized so your body can use them for energy.
  2. You’ll lose weight, NOT muscle
    • HIIT helps build muscle while endurance work tends to promote muscle loss
  3. Fits into anyone’s busy schedule
    • Research shows you’ll make greater gains with just 15 minutes of HIIT training 3x’s week vs just running on treadmill
  4. Your heart will love you
    • Getting into an anaerobic (without oxygen) zone will produce awesome results
  5. It will challenge you beyond what you’re used to you’ll never EVER be bored again

Duration: 30 minutes

CrossFit Program:

In this program members attend an unlimited number of CrossFit & HIIT classes and unlimited access to our “Open Floor” hours

CrossFit Program:

Once you have moved through our onboarding classes, you join our CrossFit classes. The CrossFit classes encompass a dedicated strength or skill program as well as a constantly varied, high intensity conditioning routine we call a WOD (Workout Of the Day). The workouts in this program are physically intense and mentally demanding. We push our athletes to refine their technique, break personal records and define a new standard of fitness.  Our head of programming, 7x Regional and 2016 Games Competitor Team, Logan Schecter continually alters the focus on the workouts to ensure that all metabolic systems are challenged while our coaches ensure your safety and success. This program is designed for ALL fitness level and age group- from new to fitness to 75+ years old.

Duration: 1 hour

On-Boarding Program:

All members must complete the Basics program before being cleared to enter the regular CrossFit classes.

Basics Program:

These are our beginner friendly introductory CrossFit classes.  Each class is designed to cover technique, standards, progressions and modifications of the movements we will be performing in our classes.

All CrossFit members MUST complete each of the (4) basic classes listed below before being cleared to enter the regular CrossFit classes.

Tuesday6:00 or 7:00 pm (Olympic lifting)

Thursday6:00 or 7:00 pm (Gymnastics)

Saturday10:00 am (Barbell)

Sunday9:00 am (Movement)

*morning and additional options available by appointment only*

Open Floor:

Members in our CrossFit program are entitled to attend Open Floor hours. This is a time when you are able to come and use our facility and equipment for your own personal training, to practice technique, stretch, WOD or just hang out!

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