WOD In honor of those who have fallen



 2001m row or run

 11 box jumps (36in/24in)

 11 thrusters (57k/38k) (125 pounds =125 deaths at The Pentagon)   125/85lbs

 11 burpee to chest to bar pull ups

 11 power cleans (80k/55k) (175 pounds= AA Flight #175, south tower)   175/120lbs

 11 hand stand push ups

 11 kb swings (32k/24k)    70/55lbs

 11 toes to bars

 11 deadlifts (77k/55k) (77k = Flight 77)     170/120lbs

 11 push jerks (50k/35k) (110 pounds = number of floors in each tower)   110/75lbs

 2001m row or run (If you rowed first, run last and vice versa)

Cash-Out: Cash-Out: 29 Double-unders

(FF Brian E.Sweeney, FDNY Rescue 1 was 29 years old on 9/11 when he was killed in the World Trade Center)



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