Friday 1/5/18

Friday 1/5/18

A) 2 Sets
Squat Hold x20 sec
Hollow Body Rock x20 sec
Sumo Squat Hold x20 sec
Samson Stretch x10 sec ea. side

then do:

2 Sets
Banded Good Morning x20
Reverse In Place Lunge x6 ea. side
Lateral Lunge x6 ea. side
Jump Squat x5 (max height)
Hanging Lat Pulls x10

B) 2 Sets
Back Squat x5 @85% of 3RM

2 Sets
Back Squat x3 @90% of 3RM

2 Sets
Back Squat x2 @100% of 3RM

C) “Fran”
21-15-9 reps of:
Thruster (95/65)

HIIT – ” Wall Ball Maul”

8 MIN TABATA : Med Ball Cleans/ Med Ball Push Press

rest 30 sec

8 MIN TABATA : Wall Balls/ Med Ball Toss Sit Ups

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