Friday 7/15/16

Friday 7/15/16

As we all know our incredible head programmer, Logan Schecter and his team from Crossfit Milford have qualified to compete at The CrossFit Games! They’ve put in so much hard work to get where they are but need some support to get to Carson in order to compete with the very best in CrossFit. Please consider making a contribution to their gofundme page, every little bit counts.  ‪#‎CFSI‬, let’s help them make their dreams a reality!!! This is what the ‪#‎crossfitcommunity‬ is all about!

Click Here to Support Logan and his Team

A) 3 Sets
Gymnastic Kip x8
PVC Pass Through x5
Ring Support Hold x20 sec
Push-up Negative x5
Broad Jump x50ft
Active Pigeon Pose Stretch x5 ea leg

B) “1/2 Murph”
For Time:
800 m Run
50 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
150 Squats
800 m Run

*Wear a weight vest if you have one. You must finish all the reps at a movement before moving on to the next movement.

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