Friday 8/26/16

Friday 8/26/16

A) 3 Sets
Alt Single Arm+ Single Leg 5 Sec Hold x4 Ea. side
Hang Muscle Snatch x5
Gymnastic Kip x5
Bent Over Row Hold x20 sec

B) “Open Workout 16.3”
AMRAP in 7 Min Of:
10 Power Snatches (75/55)
3 Bar Muscle-ups

*Scale bar muscle-ups to:
-Chest To Bar Pull-ups
-Pull-ups x5
-Jumping Chest To Bar Pull-ups x7
-Ring Rows x9


C) 3 Sets

GHD Sit-up x20
rest 30 sec
Sled Push x200ft
rest 2 min

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