Monday 11/20/17

Monday 11/20/17

A) 2 Sets
Walking Knee Pull x30ft
Walking Quad Pull x30ft
Squat + Reverse lunge ea. leg x5
2 Sets
Shoulder Circles x10 ea. direction
Scap Push-up x10
Hanging Lat Pulls x10

B) EMOM For 5 Min Do:
Handstand Push-up x7-10
rest 2 min
EMOM For 6 Min Do:
Odd – Push-up x15
Even – Ring Support Hold x30 sec

C) 1000 m Row @+5 Sec To 1k PR Time
rest 3 min
2 Sets
500 m Row @-5 Sec To 1K Pace
rest 5 min

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