Monday 12/11/17

Monday 12/11/17

A) 2 Sets
Walking Knee Pull x30ft
Walking Quad Pull x30ft
Squat + Reverse lunge ea. leg x5
2 Sets
Shoulder Circles x10 ea. direction
Scap Push-up x10
Hanging Lat Pulls x10

B) 3 Sets
Straight Leg Kipping Ring Pull-up x10
rest 1 min
Ring Row x15
rest 1 min
Nose To Wall Hold x30-45 sec
rest 1 min

C) For Time(s):
750 m Row
rest 90 sec
500 m Row
rest 90 sec
350 m Row
rest 4 min
*All of the above paces should be at hard efforts (90%)
1000 m Row @Previous PR Pace

HIIT – “”Rowed Kill”
12 Ring Rows
350m Rowing
12 Renegade Row
rest 2 min
750 m Row

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