Monday 12/19/16

Monday 12/19/16

Only 12 days left in the year.  Get your burpees on!

Warm Up

2 Sets
Bear Crawl x30ft
Crab Crawl x30ft
PVC Close Grip Overhead Squat x5
Push-up + Inch Worm x4

Part A
3 Sets
1 Min Max Strict Handstand Push-up
rest 1 min
Nose To Wall Hold x30-45 sec
rest 3 min

Part B
EMOM for 20 Min Do:
Odd – Power Snatch x5 (135/95) + 10 Sec Max Cal Airdyne
Even – Overhead Squat x5 (135/95) + 30 Sec Max Burpee

*You may perform your max effort movements at any point within that working minute. Score is total cal and burpees .

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