Monday 3/16/2015

A) 2 Min of Jump Rope

then do:

1 Set of:
In-place lunges x10 (5 ea. leg)
Pigeon pose stretch x1 min ea. leg
Samson stretch Lunges x10 (5 ea. leg)
Groiner stretch x1 min ea. leg
Goblet lunges x10 (5 ea. leg)

B) Back Squat
45% x8
55% x6
65% x4
55% x8
65% x6
75% x4
80% x1
90% x1

*Rest approx. 2 min between ea. set

C) 4 Sets, ea. for time of:
250 m row
rest 30 sec
10 Front squats (95/65)
35 Double unders OR 70 Singles
rest 2 min

*Score fastest and slowest round. Time each round at the completion of your last double under OR single under. Include the 30 sec rest into each rounds time

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