Saturday 1/28/17

Saturday 1/28/17

Select your partner wisely

Part A Warm up

Coaches Choice

Part B

In Teams Of 2 Perform:
For Time:
800 m Run (Together)
50 Partner Front Squats (155/105)
600 m Run (Together)
35 Partner Front Squats
35 Sync Burpees
400 m Run
20 Partner Front Squats
20 Sync Burpees
20 Sync Push Press

*For partner front squats, each athlete will be on opposite ends of a barbell loaded with weight. You must be facing each other but can support the bar however you would like. Both athletes must squat below parallel and reach full extension at the same time.
**For partner push press, the set up is the same as the squat. Both athletes face each other holding the ends of a barbell.

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