Thursday 1/4/18

Thursday 1/4/18

For the safety of all our members and coaches we have decided to cancel all classes today. Stay safe and warm!

A) 2 Min Assault Bike @60%
2 Sets
Perfect Stretch x3 ea. side
Banded Upright Rows x15
Banded Reverse Lunge x10 ea.
Seal Walk x20ft

B) 3 Sets
30 Sec Cal Ski Erg
1 Min Cal Row
30 Sec Max Burpee
1 Min Assault Bike
30 Sec Max Alt DB Snatch (50/35)
1 Min Max Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunge (50/35)
30 Sec Max Squats
rest 1 min

C)3 Sets
Tall Banded Lateral Raise x25
Knee Banded Glute Bridge x20

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