Thursday 2/16/17

Thursday 2/16/17

One Week Until The Open – Did You Register?

If you’re considering it but not sure read this

Lastly, Friday nights during the open are great.  It’s an awesome time to come and cheer your friends on as they compete and achieve new movements and goals.

Part A Warm Up

Coaches Choice

Part B

4 Sets
Hanging Lat Pull-ups x10
10 Sec Ring Dow Negative x2

Part C

5 Sets Ea. For Time Of:
350 m Row
20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
rest 1 min
30 Sec Max DB Burpee (50/35)
rest 2 min

*Score total time including rest and max effort burpee.
**DB Burpee is a burpee but holding onto a DB in each hand the entire time. When you jump you do not have to raise your arms.

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