Thursday 4/13/17

Thursday 4/13/17

Part A Warm Up

3 Sets
Frankenstein Walk x50ft
Side Shuffle x50ft ea. side
Jumpin Jack x30 sec
Renegade Push -up Rows x6

Part B

3 Sets
Single Arm Overhead KB Walk x100ft ea. arm
Alt. Front Rack Reverse x12 (6 ea. leg)

*Use a rack for lunges. Use a moderately heavy weight that wont alter your form.

Part C

3 Rounds For Time Of:
20 Ball Slam (20/15)
20 Hang Power Clean (75/45)
20 Sit-ups
60 Double Under

Cardio Wod 4/13/17

Warm up: 
5 min easy jog

5-10 min of running drills 

(High knees/butt kicks/soldier March/skipping/toe walking/heel walking)

10 ankle rotations (each direction) 

20 bunny hops

20 squats

800m time trial
5 min rest


2x 600m, 2 min off

3x 400m, 1 min off

4x 200m, 30 seconds

1x 100m 

Scale accordingly. If you haven’t been regularly participating in our Cardio/Endurance class, do 400m time trial and (1) less of each interval.

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