Thursday 5/21/2015

A) With an empty bar do:
2 Sets
10 Tall Muscle Cleans
10 Front Rack In-place lunges
10 Push Press
2-4 Min of Front Rack Mobility

B) 5 Sets
Jerk balance + Split Press x1 x3

*Perform a jerk balance and in your landing stance lower the bar to you shoulders and perform a split press. After completing your split press, return back to your starting position for your jerk balance and repeat this sequence a total of 3 times per set for 5 sets.

C) EMOM for 10 Min do:
Odd – DB/KB Farmers Carry x300 ft
Even – 10 Burpees

At The 15:00 min mark on a running clock start.

EMOM for 10 Min do:
Odd – Wall Climb x2-3
Even – Ball Slam x10

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