Thursday 6/21/18

Thursday 6/21/18

A) Not For Time Do:
500 m Row
Samson Stretch Lunge x50ft
Spiderman Lunge x50ft
then do:
2 Sets
Banded Rotator Cuff Ext Rotation x10 ea.
Banded Rotator Cuff Int Rotation x10 ea.
Inch Worm + Push-up x10

B) 4 Sets, Ea. For Time Of:
400 m Run
10 DB Box Step-Overs (24″x35lb/20″x20lb)
15 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
rest 3:30

C) 3 Sets
Seated DB Shoulder Rotation x10 ea. @21×1
Single Leg Squat x6 ea. leg
*Non working leg travels backwards and stays off the ground. Use a sliding board to modify movement.

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