Thursday 7/13/17

Thursday 7/13/17

A) 2 Sets
Lateral Lunge x4 ea. leg
Inch Worm + Push-up x5
Power Skip x100ft (Skipping for max distance each skip)

B) 2 Sets
Single Arm KB Sit-up x30 sec max ea. side
*rest 30 sec between sides
rest 90 sec
Half Kneeling Pallof Press x15 ea. side
rest 90 sec

C) On A Continuously Running Clock Perform
For Time:
1 Mile Run
At the 10 min mark do:
6 Rounds Of:
20 Sec Max Mt Climber
rest 10 sec
20 Sec Max Push-up
rest 10 sec
20 Sec Max Toes To Bar
rest 10 sec

*If you can not run a mile in under 10 min, change the distance to 1200m


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