Thursday 9/29/16

Thursday 9/29/16

A) Coaches Choice Warm-up

B) 5 Sets
10 Sec Front Squat Descent + 5 Sec Tempo 1/2 Ascent x2 Front Squat x1 @55×1

*Squat all the way down, controlling yourself down for 10 sec to below parallel (10 sec Front squat descent). From the bottom, take 5 sec to come up and break parallel, then go right back down to the bottom and repeat (5 sec tempo 1/2 ascent x2). Stand all the way up after 5 sec tempo to you 1/2 squat. Then perform a back squat at 55×1 tempo.

*This drill is to develop perfect squat mechanics and position under tempo and stress from load.

C) AMRAP in 15 Min Of:
10 DB Deadlifts (55/35)
8 Burpee Broad Jumps
6 DB Hang Power Clean + Push Press
400 m Run
2 Rope Climbs

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