Tuesday 1/3/17

Tuesday 1/3/17

Your future is created by what you do TODAY not tomorrow

Part A Warm up

5 Minutes Of Coaches Choice
2 Sets
Stiff Legged Deadlift x5
Push Press x5
Hang Muscle Clean x5
Push Jerk x5
Tall Clean x5
Split Jerk x5

Part B

4 Sets
Clean and Jerk x1.1 @80%

Part C

3 Rounds For Time Of:
5 Power Clean (165/110)
15 Chest To Bar Pull-ups
rest 3 Min
4 Rounds For Time Of:
4 Power Clean
10 Ring Dips
rest 3 min
5 Rounds For Time Of:
3 Power Cleans
7 Toes To Bar

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