Tuesday 5/30/17

Tuesday 5/30/17

Congrats to all first time Murph participants and those of you who set PR’S, did it with a vest or did it in sequence. 

Part A Warm Up

3 Sets
Snatch Deadlift x5
Bent Over Snatch Grip Row x5
Overhead Squat x5
Tall Snatch x5

Part B

Every 90 Sec For 15 Min Do:
Snatch 2″ Below The Knee x2 @70% of 1RM

Part C

3 Sets Ea. For Time Of:
500 m Row
200ft Farmers Carry (70/53)
rest 3 min
10 Toes To Bar
10 Burpee
25/20 Cal Assault Bike
rest 3 min

*Score time for entire round including rest.

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