Wednesday 3/18/2015

A) 1 Set of:
Arm circles (forward/backward) x10
Arm criss/cross x10
Arm up/down swings x10

Then do:

2 Sets of:
Row x30 sec @85%
Rest 30 sec

Push-up x30 sec (pause for 3 sec at top of push-up)
rest 30 sec

KB or DB Press x30 sec (Pause for 3 sec at top of press)
rest 30 sec

B) 4 Sets
Push press x5 @65-70% of 1RM Push Press
rest 2 min

1 Sets
Push press x Max @65-70%

C) 4 rounds
Sled push x200ft
rest 3-5 min

*Establish a heavy sled push for 200ft. Try and keep this no slower than a jogging pace. The sled should not get so heavy that you need to walk or stop during the 200ft

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