Wednesday 4/8/2015

A) In groups of 3 do
2 Sets of:
Upright Sit-up Hold x1 Min
Rest 30 Sec
Overhead Kettlebell Hold x1 Min
Rest 30 Sec
Samson Stretch Lunge x1 Min
Rest 30 Sec

*Each person occupies a different station. Rotate through each station in the above order. For the upright sit-up hold, start at the top of your sit-up position, while keeping your knees bent, lift your heels up off the floor and balance your weight on your hips. You may modify this movement by lightly holding your knees into your chest with your arms.

B) 4 Sets
Push press x2 @90-95% of 1RM Push Press
rest 2 min

1 Sets
Push press x Max @65-70%
(Use the same weight for your max set that you used previously for this percentage).

C) 4 Sets of:
AMRAP in 4 min of:
400 m Run
Max Toes To Bar
rest 2 min

*Score total toes to bar completed.

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