Wednesday 7/5/17

Wednesday 7/5/17

A) 2 Sets
Scapular Wall Slide x5 @3331
Squat Hold w/Alt Single Arm Front Raise x5 ea. arm
Broad Jump x3
Bounding Single Leg Broad Jump x3 ea. leg

B) 4 Sets
Tall Snatch x3 (build in weight)
rest 90 sec

C) 2 Sets
90 Sec Max Cal Assault Bike
rest 4 min
AMRAP In 2 Min Of:
15 Burpees
15 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
rest 5 min

*These are hard efforts. Push the pace and intensity on each piece for both rounds.
**Score each total reps complete between cals and reps for AMRAP.


EMOM FOR 15 Min do :

45 sec max effort Plank hold

rest 15 sec

45 sec max effort Jump Rope

rest 15 sec

45 sec max effort Burpees

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