Wednesday 8/2/17

Wednesday 8/2/17

A) 2 Sets
Reverse Samson Stretch Lunge w/rotation x4 ea. side
Ankle Mobility x20-30 sec ea. side
Squat x5 @32×1

*Perform samson stretch lunge in place

B) Front Squat
65% x3
75% x2
85% x1
90% x1
75% x4
65% x8

C) AMRAP In 20 Minutes Of:
10/7 Cal Assault Bike
1 Power Snatch
rest 1 min

*Starting weight for power snatch is 135. Increase 10lb after each successful round. If you reach a lift that you can not complete, drop down to your last successful weight and complete the amrap at that weight.

HIIT –  “Gluteus Maximus” 

16 min Tabata of :

4 min Jumping Lunges

rest 30 sec

4 min Laterals with hip circles

rest 30 sec

4 min Reverse Luinges

rest 30 sec

4 min Supermans

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