Tuesday 1/14/20

Tuesday 1/14/20

A) 2 Sets
5 sec Lateral Lunge Hold x3 ea leg
Squat Hold x30 sec
Glute Bridge Hold x30 sec

2 Sets
Samson Stretch Lunge x50ft
KB Windmill x6 ea.
Single Leg Deadlift x8 ea.

B) 5 Sets
2″ Deficit Deadlift x5

*Each rep is from a dead stop
**Build over the course of 5 sets.
***Maintain sound form each set.
****Goal is to be heavier than last weeks heaviest set for 2 out of 5 of todays sets.

C) For Time:
21 Deadlift (Rx 135/95) (Rx+ 165/110)
42 Wall Ball (Rx 20/15) (Rx+ 30/20)
15 Deadlift
30 Wall Ball
9 Deadlift
18 Wall Ball