Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

We thank each and every one of our members for making our community special. Our goal is to make a box where you get in better shape, make some friends (who’ll hold you accountable) and most of all, enjoy the the challenge which is CrossFit. Here’s to a wonderful and healthy 2019, we love you guys.

Camilo, Dan, Jenni, Rich, Steve, Kristen, Kerry, Charlie and Logan

Part A Warm Up (feel free to bike, row or erg but at the top of the hour as a class we’ll do)
5 Min EMOM
1- Max air squats
2- Max push ups
3- Max sit ups
4- Bottom of squat hold
5- Burpees (no push-ups)

Part B
28 Min AMRAP
With a Partner
Buy in 100 cal Row or 1 mile run or 90 cal on ski erg
Then EACH PARTNER completes each movement before moving to next
Partner A does 30 S2OH (45/35) Partner B holds wall sit
Partner A does 20 burpees over the bar Partner B holds plank on hands (not elbows)
Partner A does 30 hang power snatch (45/35) Partner B rests
*if either Partner breaks, the other Partner must stop

Rest 5 minutes (Rest, but put bars away)

Part C
Each partner bikes 2 miles on the Assault Bike with goal of UNDER 5 mins
If all bikes are full or you’d like to use the ski erg
Each partner ski ergs 1000m IN UNDER 5 mins
*at the end of the 5 minute mark partners must switch

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