Thursday 2/7/19

Thursday 2/7/19

A) 500 m Row
2 Sets
Walking High Knee Pulls x50ft
Crab Walk x50ft
PVC Pass Through x10
2 Sets
Half Kneeling Banded Horizontal Rows x15 ea.
Knee Banded Squats x10 ea. side
Single Leg PVC Deadlift x8 ea.

B) EMOM For 30 Min Do:
Min 1 – Sled Push x100ft (moderate load)
Min 2 – Ring Support Knee Tuck Hold x10 sec + Ring Dip x5
Min 3 – Landmine Thruster x6 ea. arm (45/25)
Min 4 – DB Push Press x15 (35/25)
Min 5 – Cal Row x15/12

*You can increase or decrease sled weight as you progress through your workout. Find a weight that gets challenging on the second half of the distance.

C) 6 Sets
Max Crunches x20 sec
rest 10 sec
Plank Hold x20 sec
rest 10 sec

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